How to Optimize Energy Data Discovery and Enable Interoperability in the Cloud by Leveraging the OSDU Data Platform

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With more data migrated to the cloud than ever before, creating interconnected platforms that integrate seamlessly with the OSDU Data Platform is key to maximizing end-to-end geoscience workflows. These workflows produce deeper actionable insights that help oil and gas companies reduce uncertainty and improve overall performance during exploration, drilling and production.

Working together, TGS and INT rethought the user journey and simplified the user experience to optimize data exploration, review, and purchase in the AWS cloud.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • Interoperability is key to creating fully integrated solutions with deeper insights, all in the cloud
  • Advanced data visualization can significantly streamline workflows and reduce time to decision for end-users
  • An improved user experience maximizes customer stickiness
  • Partnerships from AWS, TGS, and INT within the OSDU Data Platform can help you accelerate your digital transformation in the cloud and expansion into new energies


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Fabrice Buron

Chief Commercial Officer, INT

As INT’s Chief Commercial Officer, Fabrice Buron leads INT’s sales and marketing efforts and directs the evolution of our data visualization offerings. A vocal champion of user-centered design, Buron has navigated some of the top brands through the challenges and triumphs of their digital transformations. Energetic and passionate, Buron recognizes the importance of building honest relationships, trust, and collaboration among clients and colleagues. He earned his Master's Degree in Business from Kedge Business School.
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Davinder Harcharan Singh
Global Alliance Manager, AWS

Davinder Harcharan Singh is a Global Alliance Manager at AWS where he works with Energy partners to build and launch cloud-based solutions. Davinder brings more than two decades of industry experience and has been engaged with customers in the Energy, Power, Utilities, Federal, and Defense segments. Davinder received his MBA from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom) and holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. Davinder’s passions include solving problems and engaging in inclusion, diversity, and equity conversations.
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Jim Burke
Software Development Manager, TGS

Jim Burke is a Software Development Manager with TGS and has over 20 years of experience in delivering software and data solutions for both internal and external clients. His in-depth knowledge of well data and ability to analyze substantial amounts of data combined with proficiency in enterprise level technologies enable him to build cost effective, high business value applications within the Oil and Gas Industry.