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Extend the Life of Operating Facilities with 3D Reality Capture

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A digital twin is only as good as the data that comprises it. To combat risk, industrial leaders enlist 3D data capture technology to maintain an accurate as-is condition of the asset as continuous change occurs throughout the asset and operations lifecycle.

AVEVA Point Cloud Manager manages massive amounts of reality capture data by creating an accessible and accurate 3D digital twin to enable efficient, safe, and sustainable brownfield projects. Available on the secure cloud platform AVEVA™ Connect and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), AVEVA Point Cloud Manager ensures the digital and physical representations are aligned to help you make informed decisions, reduce project rework, and extend the life of your most critical assets. Together, AVEVA and AWS enable reliability and scalability to exploit innovation and create sustainable business outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce brownfield project risk by avoiding rework and schedule delay
  • Avoid operating risk by reducing site visits and improving safety
  • Maximize value of 3D reality capture data
  • Drive innovation at scale by leveraging the AWS cloud